The Group

Kasco is a group of companies stemming from the graphic art industry, and is one
of the markets most recognised and respected brands. Each Kasco company
is an expression of the core values of the group, centered on delivery and a customer-centric service.

This quality service is achieved by empowering our employees, and facilitating and monitoring client feedback to continually improve the client’s experience through innovation. Kasco’s growing list of companies include:

Kasco Paper
Kasco’s flagship company, and Malta’s leading supplier of materials for
the printing and graphic art industry. Kasco Paper represents a multitude
of acclaimed international brands.

Kasco Engineering
Provides engineering and technical expertise to the graphic art industry, completing the circle of services provided by Kasco for its customers in
this market. Kasco Engineering represents some of the world’s leading
printing machinery manufacturers.
Kasco Recycling
An auxiliary company that provides companies in any industry the opportunity to dispose of their paper waste responsibly through an established system that collects and exports waste.
3 City Designs
An interior design company that works closely with clients to create their work and living spaces. Employing a vast range of creative resources to achieve a result that is unique in every sense of the word.
Tekhne Industrial
An industrial supplies company, that also offers consultation services in the form of engineering expertise. Product range includes a wide array of sealants, fasteners, safety systems and equipment, tools, and power tools.


Doing Our Part

Kasco recognises that in pursuing our business objectives we have a responsibility to protect and nurture the environment.      That's why, as distributor's of paper, we've sought to make oursel More >

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