Alfio Schembri


Starting as a supplementary service to his offset printing business, Alfio Schembri has seen Kasco move from strength to strength over the years. As it takes on new challenges and explores new possibilities from paper and beyond.

Kasco’ success story starts with humble beginnings at the established offset printing press owned by Alfio Schembri – Sunland Printers. It was here that the initial investment was made to offer stock paper, imported from foreign paper mills, to the local industry.

This investment quickly grew under the management of Alfio’s son, Keith, who soon realised that the printing industry was in need of a more dedicated service. To this end, Kasco began to hire a team that could start providing this service based on a simple premise – to not only import and sell paper to clients, but to offer a service that integrates Kasco’s processes with the needs of
their clients.

This business model was quickly appreciated by the graphic art industry, and over the next few years Kasco experienced excellent growth that would bring the company to the forefront of the industry as market leaders.

As an established company, Kasco then began to look for further ways to change and build themselves in synergy with the needs of the local printing houses. This dynamic and enterprising approach led to a series of new initiatives including:

Paper management via a JIT (Just in Time) service – A web-based portal where customers can independently manage their own stocks online; An expansion of their product portfolio to encompass all the consumables that a printing house will need; and achieving a Chain of Custody Certification for  its local operations under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) scheme, reinforcing their environmental sustainability credentials.

Further growth continued with the addition of a sheeting machine in 2001. Giving Kasco the means to sheet jumbo paper reels, and provide immense flexibility to their stock options and delivery workflow.

In 2004, Kasco opened Kasco Engineering – a company that provides engineering and technical expertise primarily, but not limited to, the printing industry. Allowing Kasco to offer a comprehensive service to their clients in the graphic art industry.

To consolidate their part in environmental sustainability, Kasco set-up a new recycling initiative in 2007, providing a nation-wide paper waste collection operation. This recycling initiative now a company in itself – Kasco Recycling, includes the collecting, processing, sorting and eventual export of waste to the Far East and Indian sub-continent.

Stemming from the success of Kasco Engineering, in 2012, Tekhne Industrial was set-up as a comprehensive supplier of industrial supplies. Utilising the internal expertise of the group to couple the company’s product offering with a consultation service that gives customers the benefit of referring to the knowledge and experience of qualified engineers who truly understand the demands of any work project.

Now as a group, Kasco continues to grow with the energy and optimism that it began with. Looking to take on new challenges and explore the possibilities
of the future, from paper and beyond.


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Kasco recognises that in pursuing our business objectives we have a responsibility to protect and nurture the environment.      That's why, as distributor's of paper, we've sought to make oursel More >

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